• Image of Lumpy Space Princess - Land of ooo (AT004) 10"

Lumpy Space Princess is finally releasing their debut EP, land of ooo!
Serious and sad, dramatic and sweet. RELEASEDATE 19.11.2016

The debut EP of the eccentric duo Lumpy Space Princess is a documentation and hommage to the strange, intense and melodramatic friendship of composers and musicians Danielle Dahl and Michael Rexen. They met in 2014, bought a grand piano together and created ”land of ooo” in the Floating Yurt Studio, a mongolian tent floating on the riverbanks of Christiania. The lyrics bring together original material written by the duo, with text found in an email spam filter and some words borrowed from Charles Bukowski. These are combined with prepared piano, exotic stringed instruments, airy saxophones and out of tune backing vocals.

Hear a track here:

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